A totally modernized version of Wolfenstein


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Wolfram is a first-person shooter directly inspired by Wolfenstein 3D, where you will control a Polish prisoner who, after killing his cell guard, must escape a Nazi prison and fortress.

The game's levels and the adventure itself are identical to Wolfenstein 3D. Even the distribution of the enemies and secret rooms is exactly the same. In those secret rooms, like the waiting room, you'll find money, medicine, weapons, and ammunition.

The main difference between Wolfram and its original (aside from graphics, that is) is the addition of iron sights. In other words, now you can use your mouse's right-click to aim your weapon through crosshairs. That makes head shots possible.

Wolfram is an excellent first-person shooter which creates a new, modern experience from the Wolfenstein base. And the game uses an engine specially created for the occasion, capable of displaying spectacular graphics and physics.
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